Best Beaches in Dubai to Visit on UAE National Day 2024

Dubai has a lot of beautiful beaches to enjoy the memorable occasion of UAE National Day 2024.  If you are planning to visit Dubai and want to go to beaches don’t forget to go to these 10 best beaches in Dubai. The best time to go to Dubai and enjoy the beaches is in the winter season. There is no such winter like many other countries like snowfall etc. In Dubai, the winter season is like the spring season.

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There is nothing more than enjoying the cooler months in Dubai on the best Dubai beaches. It is the best time to visit these beaches during the winter season on the occasion of the National Day of UAE 2024. This is very fortunate that a big part of Dubai has a lot of sandy stretches to choose from. We will provide you with complete information on the top 10 Dubai’s best beaches. Dubai beaches are the key to whether you are looking for a short UAE holiday break in the sunshine. If you are planning a family beach holiday in Dubai, it will be a superb experience. visit and have fun on these beaches to become a member of the UAE National Day celebration.

How to Enjoy on Best Beaches in Dubai During National Day Vacations

You can enjoy your holidays in Dubai while jumping inside and outside of the water on the best Dubai beaches during the National Day UAE holidays. There are a lot of Dubai beaches where you can go and take a bath in the sea. You can take selfies and enjoy different kinds of foods as well. Find out the best beach for you inside Dubai under the sunshine, blue skies, and inside blue water. This really includes a lot of fun on these best Dubai beaches which makes your holidays filled with a lot of happiness and fun.

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This is a natural thing that a lot of people want to enjoy their holidays in Dubai, especially going to the beaches. It is a great opportunity for Dubai residents to visit these lovely natural beaches during this National Day in UAE. Tourists from around the world want to relax during their holidays in the sunshine and near the sea. You can find all these luxurious things on the best beaches in Dubai.

In fact, Dubai is not only all about the large skyscrapers and sand dunes. This is situated on the edge of the Arabian Gulf Sea, so this makes Dubai a destination of beachgoers’ paradise. October to March is the ideal weather in Dubai to enjoy vacations in Dubai. During these months you can have a lot of fun on the best Dubai beaches.

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Tips for Visiting Best Beaches in Dubai during UAE National Day 2024

You must be very careful regarding the dress codes while you visit the Dubai beaches. The dress codes on the Dubai beaches are more relaxed than the other parts of the city. Swimsuits can offer more coverage like board shorts, one-pieces, and regular bikinis are fine. You have to cover up yourself while you leave the sand. Ladies’ topless sunbathing is totally prohibited on the beaches.

You can visit and enjoy the beaches in the summer season. It is recommended that if you want to enjoy a lot of the best Dubai beaches you must visit there in the months starting from October to March. This is the best season to enjoy the Dubai National Day holidays on the Dubai beaches.

It is suggested that you have to stay hydrated at the beach. Drinking alcohol is not allowed in the open areas of Dubai beaches. Be careful with all these rules. Drinking alcohol is only allowed inside licensed bars and restaurants. If you will not follow the rules, the result may occur in the form of heavy fines and even jail terms as well.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Dubai to Visit during UAE Independence Day 2024

  1. Jumeirah Beach Residence – JBR Beach
  2. Kite Beach Dubai
  3. Mercato Beach
  4. Jumeirah open beach
  5. La Mer beach
  6. Black Palace Beach
  7. Al Mamzar beach park
  8. Riva Beach Club
  9. Nikki Beach
  10. Sunset Beach

Jumeirah Beach Residence – JBR Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the best Dubai beaches. It is located between the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina in the south. The Beach at JBR offers you a lot of splendid blend of restaurants and barefoot fun. If you want to enjoy having a fully attractive environment head towards JBR beach. The beautiful jogging track, outdoor gym, and watersports hub will stun you. This can be a superb place to visit during the UAE National Day 2024 holidays.

Jumeriah Beach Residence JB

If you want more enjoyment just take a bath in the sea then lay down on the warm sand. This is a beautiful beach surrounded by huge skyscrapers of the Dubai marina. It’s a very cool and calm best Dubai beach where you can go and enjoy it during the National Day of Abu Dhabi.

Kite Beach Dubai

Kite Beach Dubai is an enjoyable place to visit on National Day 2024 holidays in Dubai. As its name is Kite Beach is very famous for flying kites and taking baths in the sea. It is on a five minutes walk towards the north. This beach is one of the best Dubai beaches which attracts kite surfers who can enjoy the sea and the sky as well. On the kite beach, you can enjoy a lot of activities like watersports, wakeboarding, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding also available.

Kite Beach Dubai

You can also play beach tennis or volleyball on the very talc-soft sand on the beach. If you are not interested to play games, just take your towel and lay under the sun to enjoy. You can also enjoy city vistas and free Wi-Fi on Kite Beach. There are a lot of washrooms available on Kite Beach with changing facilities also. Cafes, and running food trucks that are serving burgers, fish, chips, and fast food are also available on Kite Beach. This is the best beach in Dubai to enjoy your Dubai holidays.

Mercato Beach

Mercato Beach is also a good option during the United Arab Emirates National Day 2024. The Mercato beach is also a very nice place you can visit during your holidays in Dubai. This beach is located on Jumeirah beach road near the Mercato Mall.

mercato beach dubai

This is not a big beach like the JBR or other beaches in Dubai. It is a small beach where you can go and take a break from the city. This beach does not have a lot of hustle and bustle. Mercato Beach is beautiful and amongst the best Dubai beaches. On this beach, you can go and take a sunset walk or dip your toes in the sea.

Jumeirah open beach

Jumeirah open beach is a wonderful Dubai beach that you can enjoy during Emirates National Day 2024. This is a very beautiful beach in Dubai which is situated on the Jumeirah `1, Dubai. A lot of people visit this beach to have fun and party. Some part of this beach has lost connection to the Dubai Canal but still, it is a very famous beach in Dubai.

Jumeirah open beach dubai

This beach has a jogging track as well. Washrooms and changing facilities are also available on the beach. This beach has also small tea shops and a picnic area. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches in Dubai’s best beaches.

La Mer beach

La Mer is an outclass place to visit during the vacation of National Day of the United Arab Emirates 2024. La Mer is also a very beautiful Dubai beach which is in the heart of the city. This is a newly developed beach. You can take a bath dine here, shopping and make a lot of entertainment. A playground is also available on the beach for the kids. A brand new Laguna Waterpark, which boasts five waterslides, a Lazy River ride, and a surf machine is also available on the beach.

la mer beach dubai

Black Palace Beach

This is a Dubai secret beach like its name as a black palace beach. This is situated between Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab in Al Sufouh. If you’ll follow the track from Jumeirah Beach Road between the Royal Fortresses, you’ll find a low-key beach. The black palace beach is very famous amongst the locals and ex-pats as well. There are not many facilities available on this beach with no changing rooms but still, it is an attractive place for the tourists. The other name of this beach is also sometimes used which is a secret beach. Don’t forget to visit this secret beach during National Day leaves in Dubai.

Black Palace Beach Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach Park

If you are planning to enjoy your United Arab Emirates National Day 2024 holidays like a pleasant memory, don’t forget to visit Al Mamzar Beach Park. This is a very beautiful beach among the best Dubai beaches in the country. Al Mamzar Beach Park is on the Dubai- Sharjah border towards the north. There is a very small entry fee for this beach. You can find a pick of five sandy beaches which include a swimming pool, playground, and a very big garden.

Al mamzar beach park

 This beach is very famous for family and friends picnics. You can work up an appetite on the water, jogging track, or bike path after you can go for a barbeque. For the kids, there is a special scenic train that journeys through the park. Families can enjoy splashing out on a beach cabin or air-conditioned chalet for the day. Kindly note down this beach has different timings for both males and females. Monday and Wednesday are only specific for the ladies. Males over the age of 4 aren’t permitted during these days.

Riva Beach Club

The Riva beach club is not very famous among people who are looking to enjoy it without money. This Dubai beach requires some amount of money from your pockets. This is a private Dubai beach club. If you can spend a few extra amounts of money you can enjoy this private Dubai beach. Riva Dubai Beach offers affordable day passes to tourists, which often include free drinks and other perks.

Riva Beach Club dubai

You can enjoy and take a dip in the warm turquoise sea. In the summer season, you can slip into the cool pool, or simply you can enjoy on the sunbed enjoying a drink or a cocktail. Some best restaurants are also available on this beach. Visit this beach to make your 2024 UAE National Day holidays lovely.

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is also very beautiful and the best Dubai beach. It is a place that needs to be seen during the Dubai holidays of National Day 2024.  Nikki Beach is situated on the far side of Pearl Jumeirah. This upscale beach resort is home to a stretch of palm-fringed beach. It has a white decoration, and a turquoise pool complete with a swim-up bar. Nikki Beach is specifically for adults so under 21s are not allowed.

Nikki Beach Dubai

Sunset Beach

This is a very beautiful beach amongst the best Dubai beaches. This beach sits between the Arabian Gulf and Umm Suqeim Park. Sunset Beach Dubai is also known as Umm Suqeim Beach. This is a beautiful white sand beach which is a very popular spot for families. This beach is famous and as its names mean that you can take beautiful selfies as the sun goes down.

Sunset Beach Dubai

A lot of facilities are available on the sunset beach including the washrooms, changing cubicles, and showers areas. Free Wi-Fi service is also available at the sunset beach. It’s also Dubai’s real surfing beach which is very ideal for beginners. UAE National Day 2024 leaves can be a good time to enjoy this beach.

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