What is Expo 2020 Dubai Location Date and Timings

What is Dubai Expo 2020

This is very important to know that what is Expo 2020 Dubai? An Expo is an event which is held after 4 to 5 years in different countries of the world. The main purpose of Expo 2020 is to create and educate the people of the world about the challenges faced by humanity on a world-level scale. It is the famous and the world’s largest meeting of the countries. Expo 2020 will open a lot of opportunities including networking and promoting international relationships. This year it is happening in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is a famous event of  Expo 2020 Dubai.

expo Dubai 2020

Although Expo 2020 was planned last year due to pandemic disease it is happening this year in 2021. An Expo is a big event where goods, mainly industrial goods, are displayed.

Due to Cov-19 safety guidelines, a maximum of 120,000 people per day can enter the venue. Mohamed Al Ansaari, Vice President of communications at Expo 2020 Dubai, has confirmed that guests will not be compulsory to have had a coronavirus vaccine, but it is recommended.

The main purpose of the Expo is to bring a microcosm of global progress and dialogue among countries. Countries of the different parts of the world participate and interact with the host country. A large number of investors, tourists, trade partners take part in this event. This is why is Expo 2020 important.

expo 2020 site

A large number of countries around the world thought that the Dubai Expo 2020 was canceled due to pandemic disease. The answer is no. The Expo 2020 UAE will happen this year. Experience Unbelievable Entertainment, The. World’s Latest Innovations & Finest Global Cuisines.

Event schedule and guidelines

Dubai management authorities already shared the Dubai Expo 2021 schedule. The Expo 2020 Dubai start date is Friday, Oct 1, 2021, till Thursday, Mar 31, 2022. The Expo 2021 will take 6 months which is a very long period.

United Arab emirates people will celebrate also their Golden jubilee celebration this year. This year Emirates will celebrate its 50th UAE national day 2021. Expo 2020 in Dubai and National day UAE both are big events this year in the country. This will brings a lot of tourists to Dubai around the globe.

There is a big confusion among the people that how to participate in Dubai Expo 2021? You can buy Expo 2020 Dubai tickets from the official website to take part in this mega event.

Dubai Expo 2020 Site location and Pavilion

The Dubai Expo will host the world for 182 days starting from October 2020 to March 2022. It is happening this year in 2021. It was planned last year but still, due to a branding issue, it is using the same name as Expo 2020.

The main location of the Expo 2020 Dubai site is almost a 438-hectare area. This is happening in one of the most beautiful cities in the world which is Dubai. The exact location of the Expo 2020 UAE site is in southern Dubai. This area is situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This is near the Dubai southern border near the Al Maktoum International airport.

Expo 2020 Dubai Mobility Pavillion

Step inside the Expo 2020 site and experience the futuristic magic that is the result of years of meticulous planning.

You have to step inside the Expo center and will experience such an amazing and magical result. This is completely the fruit of the hard work and planning for several years.

How many countries in Dubai Expo 2021

There are almost 192 countries around the world taking part in the Expo.

The Expo Dubai is managed by Reem Al Hashimi (managing director). She is a well-known personality in Dubai having a lot of experience in managing such big events. These countries have the opportunity to showcase innovations around the themes of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

This is a large number of countries with different cultures, innovations, and technology. There will be 200 pavilions in Expo 2020, out of which 191 pavilions will be symbolic of participating countries.

Top 5 Pavilions to Visit During Expo 2020 Revealed

Singapore: Rainforest in the Desert

United Kingdom: Interactive Poetry

Netherlands: Miniature Farm, Maximum Impact

China: Progress and Tradition

Brazil: Rivers Reimagined

All contributing countries in Expo 2020 will have their pavilion inspired by three main themes – Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.

A pavilion is basically a place where a country can show his innovations, culture and their identity. In their pavilions, countries display and showcase technological innovations and national cultures, engaging with civil society to craft an optimistic and unique national identity.

Dubai Expo 2021 location

The Expo 2020 theme of sustainability expresses itself in the golden words. The theme of the event is ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ and it aims to encourage people through the sub-themes sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

The theme of Expo 2020 also expresses a lot of other inspirational things. It allows that generating sustainable solutions to global difficulties demands relationships across cultures, nations, and regions.

Mobility as a theme tries towards creating smarter and more creative movement of people, goods, and ideas, both physically and virtually.

Dubai Expo 2021 logo and Branding

When there is a big event in any country of the world, it is necessary to select a logo for that. The Dubai Expo 2020 which is now also called Dubai 2021 Expo has a unique logo. The Logo of the Dubai Expo is inspired by a 4000-year old gold ring, unearthed at the Saruq Al Hadid site in Al Marmoom back in 2002. This ring is placed now in the Saruq Al-Hadid Museum. This is one of the famous museums in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed the ruler of Dubai explained: “We have chosen an authentic Emirati logo for Dubai Expo 2020”. We have also the Expo 2020 logo vector free download for the people on our website.

The Expo Dubai 2020 brand signifies the vision, ideals, and values of Expo, and is stated through our logo, symbol, and other brand assets.

Expo 2020 tickets price

If you are planning to go to Expo 2021 Dubai you have to buy tickets. The Dubai Expo tickets prices are available on www.expo2020dubai.com. You can get the Expo 2020 Dubai tickets here. There are different prices of the Dubai tickets for different ages of people. The single entry ticket to the Expo will cost you as low as Dh95 Adult (18-59 years). You can also take a package for six months. This package includes complete access during the six months duration of this event. This will cost you Dh495 for the six months.

Kids and youth that a re-age between 6-17 years can enter the Expo venue free. Senior citizens age 60+ years can also enjoy the superb event with free entry. Students always have a special package during such kinds of events. The students can enter the Expo without any fees. They are the major pillars of any country. Like always People of determination can enter the event venue for free. Dubai always welcomes People of determination and gives them a lot of benefits.

Dubai Expo 2020

There are also a lot of other tickets package for Expo 2021 for families. You can experience everything Expo has to deal with your whole family at the largest cultural gathering in the world, with food and beverage discounts and entertainment for young and old alike.

Summary information about Expo Dubai 2020

If you are planning to head to the event? Here are details about the Expo 2020 ticket prices, timings, and dates:

Expo 2020 starting and ending dates: 1st Oct 2021 to March 31st, 2022

Expo 2020 tickets price for normal entry: AED 195

Free entry for kids (6 to 17 years), seniors (60+ years), students, and people of determination

Expo event Timings guidelines: 10:00 am to 12:00 am (Saturday to Wednesday)

10:00 am to 02:00 am (Thursday and Friday)

Food and Beverage Outlets

Food is very much necessary for a man. Dubai Expo also has a lot of restaurants open in the venue area. You can enjoy and taste a large number of different cuisines. Also, get over 200 food and beverages outlets from different corners of the world. You can enjoy more than 30 dining concepts in Dubai and more than 50 country cuisines. This food cost will be as low as a normal man can afford. You can also try Michelin Star and futuristic dining experiences.

If you want to know about the tasty food of any country this can give a superb experiment. Moreover, visitors can look forward to interacting with robot baristas and delivery robots.

Dubai Metro Timings during the Event

Dubai metro is one of the famous metro train options when you are in the city. You can go straight to the entrance of the Expo arena via the Dubai Metro Red Line. Here are the departure and arrival timings to the Expo Station Dubai.

First arrivals: 06:15 am (Saturday to Thursday) | 09:15 am (Friday)

Last departures: 12:00 am (Saturday to Wednesday) | 01:00 pm (Thursday to Friday)

You can also travel to the Expo location via your own vehicle. All main roads in Dubai can lead to the Expo 2020 site. Be very careful about parking your vehicle. You must look out for designated parking zones to park your car.

A taxi can also be a good option to reach the event area. This can also be a very fast way to reach the Dubai Expo. You can also use the RTA taxing booking service to get a Taxi on time.

You can use the Expo rider bus service to reach the venue. This bus service is totally free for Expo Dubai visitors. This service can be accessed from different locations in Dubai, guided by RTA. This service is also available in other emirates. You must be very careful regarding the pick and drop locations to avoid any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Dubai Expo 2020?

This is an event where different countries of the world take part. This will inspire visitors to preserve and defend the planet, discover new frontiers and build a better future for everyone.

What Is the 2020 Dubai Expo Logo?

The logo is inspired by a tiny gold artefact found at the archaeological site of Saroug Al Hadeed. Sheikh Mohammed explained: “We have chosen an authentic Emirati logo for Dubai Expo 2020.

What Is the Expo 2020 Dubai Ticket Price?

The Expo 2020 ticket price will cost you as low as AED 95. For multi-entry monthly passes, the cost goes up to AED 195 per head. The six-month multi-entry Dubai Expo ticket costs AED 495.

What Is the Dubai Expo 2020 Location?

The Dubai Expo 2020 location is in the Dubai South district near the Al Maktoum International Airport. The Dubai Expo 2020 site will cover over 4.39 square kilometers and has four main gates.

What Is the Expo 2020 Dubai Date?

The event will continue starting from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

How to Reach Dubai Expo 2020?

You can use your own vehicle, Dubai metro, Taxi, and special bus service to reach the Expo 2020 Dubai venue. The main entrance distance from the Dubai Marina is only 20 minutes.

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