Happy 48th National Day Sharjah 2019

Just like the rest of the United Arab Emirates, Happy 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 falls on the second of December every year. Each year on the special occasion of the 48th National Day Sharjah 2019, hundreds and thousands of people plan their trips to the United Arab Emirates just to be a part of the grand celebrations and festivities that revolve around this very day. There is a myth that Dubai and Sharjah being too close, people prefer spending the 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 in Dubai even as they feel the celebrations are much better over there which is, however, not at all true. Both places hold great and diverse celebrations every year.Sharjah Happy National Day

The 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 celebrations are also massive in the sense that there are many non-locals who live in Sharjah and they always make it a point to make sure that they enjoy the Happy National Day Sharjah with great fervor and zeal. The reason for that is that they are away from their homes and they feel the kind of brethren and unity one feels in their home country. This is mainly why they participate completely with the local Arabs of Sharjah and add to the festivities and celebrations of this very auspicious occasion of the unification of the Emirates into one big unit.

Happy National Day Sharjah

If you are visiting Dubai and feel that you want to attend the 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 celebrations too then the idea is to get on the metro that has excellent timings and travels throughout the day for the tourists. The 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 celebrations keep on going till late at night so you can pick any time of the day or evening to go and see them. You can even divide the day into half and half so that you can have maximum fun as a tourist in both these cities of UAE.

National Day UAE Sharjah 2018

Sharjah offers great food on the 48th Happy National Day Sharjah 2019 celebrations so do check on the internet or with the locals regarding your food preference. You can check local street vendors for things like donors and sheesh taouk. Otherwise, there are some really nice fancy eateries that offer special discounts for National Day Sharjah celebrations so you can try them too. But, it all depends on your mood and how much are you willing to spend on food on the 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 as food is not just the only recreation that day. There are many other things like fireworks, Arab musical performances, light shows etc.

Sharjah National Day 2018

All these activities add to the fun and attraction of the 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 making it one of those places where you can go on a big day and really enjoy the local flavors like music, dance, food and other festivities. You can take your entire family including your kids to all these celebrations as some of them are extremely useful for the younger lot and will go a long way in their lives. They might be able to remember their trip to the UAE and remember this great historic day of 48th National Day Sharjah 2019 and its celebrations which are obviously world class.

National Day Sharjah Al Qasba 2018

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