Happy UAE National Day 2nd December 2019

The National Day of the United Arab Emirates falls on the 2nd of December making it a day of great importance for the locals. What they mostly do is that at the start of the day or the night before the actual celebrations, Happy UAE National Day 2019 greetings are sent to each other. This not only brings each one of the Arab communities in the Emirates to get back in touch with each other but also reminds them how important the unity of the Emirates is. This day is spent with much festivity making everyone in the UAE mark their calendars well before time so that they do not miss out on all the fun.

National Day Dubai 2018

Not only is the UAE famous for tourism but the local and national festivals that take place over there is also a source of attraction for people living in other parts of the world. This is majorly why non-Arabs or travelers that come to the UAE feel immense pride and pleasure in wishing Happy UAE national Day 2019 to anyone they get to meet during the festivities of that place and time. Many famous spots like the Burj Khalifa etc. are lit up and celebrations are at a high marking the fun time that is 48th Happy UAE National Day 2019.

National UAE Day 2018

2018 UAE national day

Usually, local dresses are worn by the natives to this event, however, people who are from various parts of the world and who have only come to witness the great celebrations for the Happy UAE 2019 National Day can wear anything they like keeping in mind the societal; norms of the Emirates. It is worth mentioning here that there is no dress code for this day but people do like to dress up on their 48th Happy Dubai National day 2019 so that it shows how patriotic they are in not only their spirit but their appearance too.Dubai National Day 2018 Many posters are hung all over the Emirates and this time, the UAE is celebrating the 48th Happy UAE National Day making than even more important celebration of the year. The locals start preparing for the event way before time and this time around, especially the restaurant owners are extremely excited to set up stalls and give discounts on the auspicious occasion of Happy UAE national Day 2019. Foreigners love the Arabic cuisine which is why there are many stalls being set up on this year’s event that would serve that purpose.

Happy Dubai National Day

If you are planning a trip to the Emirates in the winter, make sure you plan according to the dates of the Happy Dubai National Day. This day is a historical event and is going to be extremely picturesque not only for the tourists but obviously for the locals too. The celebrations just keep on getting bigger and better with each year and you will fall in love with what the Emirates have to offer you this year on the 2nd of December which is the 48th Happy UAE National Day 2019. Pack your bags and get going!

Happy National Day UAE

Happy National Dubai Day 2018

Happy UAE 2018 National day

Happy UAE National Day 2018Happy-National-Day-UAE-Wishes

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