48th UAE National Day 2019 Official Celebration

Official 48 UAE National Day 2019 Celebration at Sheikh Zayed Sports Stadium

UAE people will celebrate the official UAE National Day celebration 2019 on Monday, 2nd December 2019. The official 48th UAE National Day 2019 celebrations (الاحتفال الرسمي باليوم الوطني 48 لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة 2019 ) announced by the authorities. Actually this is 49th UAE National Day 2019 birthday. A lot of official National day Dubai celebrations will take place on the 2nd December on different venues.UAE National day sheikh zayed sport stadium

Three Days Holidays on National Day

UAE cabinet also announces a three day holiday for the official UAE National Day celebration. December 1 is for the commemoration day while the 2nd and 3rd December holidays for the UAE National day 2019. So the official National day UAE 2019 celebration will kick off on 2nd December.

If you want to enjoy UAE National day 2019, so here are some useful tips and locations to take part in the official 48th UAE National Day celebrations.Sheikh Zayed sports stadium celebration

The official UAE National day 2019 celebration will kick off in the Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi on Monday, 02.12.2019 16:00. Under the light of the full moon in the Zayed sports city stadium Abu Dhabi, the nation will unite. This shining moon and spirit of our nation. This is a great inspiration that makes us one as a strong nation under the roof of one flag.

In this UAE National day 2019 event, we will celebrate the pride of our nation. The forefathers encouraging and interesting stories will inspiration for the whole nation. We will celebrate this memorable and remarkable National day under the brightening moon at the Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi. These stories are all about the pride and courage of the national heroes.

These immersive stories are all about the resourceful and resilient people of the United Arab Emirates. The people who spend their life for the prosperous future of the country. The people who are totally united and full of faith and strong believes. These stories will be full of the UAE’s past and include amazing effects, sounds, and visuals. These stories will bring the life of heroes on the stage. The true words about the greatness of our Emirati ancestors whose efforts bring fruit and now we are living happily in the country.48 UAE National Day events

Event information UAE National Day 2019

A large number of live performances will also include in the celebration that will highlight the achievements of the UAE since 1971. More than 80 musicians from the world will take part in the Dubai National day celebration including Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Professional international composers are also part to capture the spirit of celebration that will feature a number of traditional Emirati instruments and musical styles.

The show will take place inside the Zayed sport stadium premises with a 10,000 Square meter stage, 22 huge screens across the stadium and 2500 LED lights. These magnificent arrangements will create a very heart touching and superb audio and visual experience for spectators.UAE National day tickets

“Music is a key component of any theatrical production and the original score for Legacy of Our Ancestors will elevate the overall impact and beauty of the production,” said Saeed Al Suwaidi, from the Organising Committee.

The complete UAE national day 2019 event information will inspire you to join the celebration of this event. The “Legacy of Our Ancestors” is a theatre show which will hold and Zayed sports city stadium in Abu Dhabi.

A lot of artists will perform during this show. These performers will perform different heart touching activities which will spread on the minds of the people who will attend. A large number of spectators will join the hands together in the show to well come the 48 UAE National Day 2019.Official UAE Narional day celebration

The complete details about the tickets are given below.

48 National Day 2019 Tickets information

This is a reserved seating event so be careful to book the tickets before joining.
The price of a ticket for an individual is AED 60. If you are a group of 4 people or more there is a discount of AED 10 on each ticket. You can enjoy the event while spending only AED 50. If you are a big group so don’t hesitate to purchase tickets by calling Ticketmaster on 800 86 823.

Children tickets Price for National Day 2019

For the very young children who are under the age of 2 years, they can join the event without purchasing a ticket.

National Day 2019 Celebration Senior Citizen tickets

The senior citizens may require a ticket. For the aged citizens who are older than 60 years can enjoy the event free of charge, if they can provide photo identification.National UAE Day event

Ticket for Wheelchairs 48th UAE National Day

The tickets for the wheelchairs citizens will be free of charge to attend the UAE National day celebration 2019. These people can get tickets by calling Ticketmaster on 800 86 823.

UAE National Day Determination People

Determination people do require a ticket to join the National day celebration 2019.

 The determination people can get tickets free of charge if they will provide photo identification. Companion tickets can cost of AED 60. The tickets can be received by calling Ticketmaster on 800 86 823.

Park and Ride rules

Whiles, you are going to Zayed sports city stadium for the National Day celebrations, kindly note that no parking is allowed in the Zayed Sports City Stadium. The complete guide about the park and ride location is mentioned on the tickets. Kindly makes sure to check the details of the ticket completely including the park and ride rules.UAE National Day Celebration

All the people who have a ticket and coming to the event follow the park and ride location dedicated to them.

Ticket Pricing and details

Category 1: 60 Dirhams (AED)

Group of 4 or more: 50 Dirhams (AED) per ticket

Get Your Online Tickets @ Ticketmaster

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